WITH APOLOGIES So long as brooklets form the stre; m And streams the rivers swell; So long as water quenches thirst And thirst sends men to hell; So long as blue tobacco smoke Will rise before the shrine Of the evanessent goddess We as Nicotine define; If all were as Jo Labadie A happy world this world would be.

So long as alcohol will bring ,The troubled spirit rest; So long as pleasure helps us on And duty is a pest; So long as in the moon s pale light The youthful couples roam, While after marriage he goes out And leaves the she at home, If all were as Jo Labadie A kind and happy race we'd be.

So long as amateurs like me Will ape the master's art, And manufacture verses Fairly fit to break his heart, Now, in consideration Of the rude remarks just made, Tis highest time to stop this rhyme. But let it gain be said: If all were as Jo Labadie A happy family we should be.

R. A. Macdonald. Ann Arbor, October, 1916.