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By Jo Labariie

Come in the mom whm the dcwtlropa As the pearls in your heart so dear; Come at the noon when the herds a-dream

In the shade by the brooklet's cheer; Come when the shadows grow in length

While the day bids the eve adieu; Come in your weakness,come in your strength, There'8 always a welcome for you.


Come when the clouds in their anger roar,

And the lightnings fiercely flash; Come when the waves rush the heedless shore

And the suds far inland splash; Come when the fold bells softly trill O'er the lea and the upland view; Come in your sweetness, come when you will, There's always a welcome for you.


Come when the heart is a yearning for mt>

When love is a calling aloud; Come when the loneness produces ennui,

When gayety welcomes a shroud; Come when aweary and wanting a rest.

When your wearing worries accrue; Come to the wildwoods. your cares to divest, There's always a welcome for you:

Come with your friendship, your love and your song,

We'll make them grow lusty the while;

Come with your hates, bring your grouches along,

We'll lose them afield with a smile;

Come where the clock has no work on its hands,

Where hunger alone bids you chew;

Come where Morpheus alone bed commands.

There's always a welcome for you.

Bubbling Waters, June, 1916,

The Labadic Booklets

JO LABADIE, Author, Printer, Binder

What is Love and Other Fancies; The Red Flag & Other Verses; Doggerel for the Under Dog; I Welcome Disorder: Workshop Rimes; My Song of Self; Essays; Songs of the Spoiled. These arc-printed in very limited numbers, are not for sale in the stores, but sent to those who want them at their own price. The work is done by the family. — type set by hand in the old-fashioned way: printed on an old Washington press, and we bind them at our leisure, in the Shop at Bubbling Waters, in the wilderness, one mile north of Grand River Road, on the Oakland-Livingston counties line, 35 miles from Detroit.

P. O. Address; Wixom, Mich.,R.D.i, (during the summer); and 2306 Buchanan St., Detroit. Mich., U. S. A.

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