I'm grateful to Andrei Codrescu not only for his indispensable role in the appearance of these texts, but also and above all for his preeminent role in the Reappearance of the Outside.

Thanks also to Camille Martin for the poetry of real life and the reality of dreams; to Gary Snyder for wild spirit & wisdom; to David Watson for friendship & envisioning industrial collapse; to Jason McQuinn for a streetcar named Desire Armed; to Danny Postel for brilliant surre(gion)al repartee; to Steven Duplantier for surre(gion)al solidarity & creativity; to Ronald Creagh for diligent labor in the utopia lab; to El Sapo Tuerto for spontaneous leaps of imagination; to Robert Nichols for introducing Thoreau to Kafka in the New England woods; to Grace Paley for being radically human and humanely radical; to Jacqueline Bishop for l'imaginaire ecologique; to Peter Berg and Judy Goldhaft for following the beat of a different Drum; and to Kingfish for quietly doing nothing.

I also wish to thank—for their friendship, ideas, inspiration, and stimulation—many others, including Pierre Bravo-Gala, Dave Brinks and the New Orleans School for the Imagination, Chris Champagne, Andy di Michele, Paul Gailiunas, Mitch Hampton and Organica magazine, Helen Hill, Eric Jacobson, Joel Kovel, David Koven, Gary Oaks, Mary Jane Parker, Lorraine Perlman, John Rapp, and Stephane Tine.

I also grateful to the publications in which these texts originally appeared. "The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto," "Derrida's Secret Name," "The Rorty of the Crowd," "Nietzschean Anarchy and the Post-Mo rtem Condition," and "Apocalypse And/Or Metamorphosis" appeared in Exquisite Corpse; "The Dao of Capitalism" on; "Description of a Struggle" and "Confession" in Anarchy; "Bookchin Agonistes," "The Dragon of Brno," and "Anarchapters: Zhuangzi's Crazy Wisdom & Da(o)Da(o) Spirituality" in The Fifth Estate.

Finally, I'm grateful to Brad Marion for his careful work on design and layout.