JOHN PAUL II On October I , Pope Jihn Paul the II arrived in Boston, Massachusettes for a seven day tour nf the United States. Upon entering this country as well as in oither countries the Pope proclaimed a mission of peace. The proclamation of peace in itself is not unusual for an international leader . But what made Pope John Paul II's proclamation unique is that the vehicle for 'peace' offered by the Pope was based on moral consci -ousness that transcended national boundaries and even religious philosophy.

l'he Anarchy Times will change its


Kost proclamations for peace made by international leaders are distorted with unnecessary political ramifications. In these instances peace is accepted or desired when it pressures the sovereign structures of the state.

In effect the Pope's mission repre.-sents a new force emerging in the world, one of popular dissatisfaction with the present institutions. The Fope not only represents a religious leader but also a symbol of government defiance particularly to the Polish and Italians.

One important point that must be made is that the Pope's is derived from voluntary acceptance of his ideology. This is not to say that the papacy is without autocracy and bureaucracy. But rather that the people are free to accept him voluntarily. The Ireland and America who turned out in numbers to praise or merely to listen to his message did so without compulsion or coersion.

The Pope's message was simple and direct. Two prominent themes of his message were peace and the sanctity of the family. Regardless to whether you agree with this philosophy the message was profound and the world shall see a profound effect that man will have on the insitutions of the world.

Courtland Saxon name to ANOIPATICW in January.



The Ramones have always been a band that thrived on small concert settings, playing bars and small theatres since the middle 70*s. Their explosive, high energy rock and roll whipped the audiences into frenzies. It was this fresh, exciting music that extended the Ramones' circle of fans out of the New York area to the rest of the world. Today, four albums after their debut, the band is still on the rises having recently released "Bock *n' Roll High School" , a lowbudget but much talked about movie. This stature allowed them to play the Central Park Festival this year.

The concert was without a doubt enjoyable, but it lacked a few qualities important to the band's act. First of all, the Ramones music, freshly energetic and satisfying in a small concert setting, came off more like a firecracker in the much larger Wollman Rink. The music was not loud enough (yes, volume is a big factor in the quality of a Ramones show) to reach the entire audience; with this slam-bang atmosphere missing, it merely seemed as thogh the band was putting along in slow gear.

Secondly, singer Joey Ramone, never one who cared much about singing clearly in concert, seemed excessively sloppy at times. Whereas Johnny Ramones buzfc-saw overshadowed the singing, the lack Joey's volume made him seem all t too vulnerable.

In comparison with previous performances, this was not a very good Ramones show. Despite their present fame the band continues to play the club circuit and small theatres. I can only hope that

if they continue their climb to stardom, the Ramones will not forget where they come across best. If so Rock and Roll will continue to be blessed by the spearhead of the new wave, "Da Ramones*.

Seth McKee


"The Raaones"


The creative energy of progressive popular music is being restricted by the United States government. President Carter has asked record companies to downplay New Wave music. Jimmy would apparently rather see his teens emulate the blurred sxample of drunken, Southern Rock barbarians, than the innocent, thinking and relatively level-headed New Wavers. New Wave is a clear-minded progression of pop-culture which doesn't deserve to be hindered. New Wave is no longer characterized by the frightening tattered punk style of the Sex Pistols. But these points are acedemic in the face of constitutional hypocracy. Pop fans,the programming and marketing o of your music is being politically hacked at. Your culture your generations nat natural musical direction is being stifled by the decision of a single politian. Incredibly, you might never have*known this.

Ko one needs a more mediocre American music scene. Stand up and spread the wore of this atrocity . And listen, whether you love or hate New Wave, orllike Disco, simular policies maybe pulled over your eyes. If you suspect your station or fav favorite label of unconstitutional predjudices, ACT, write or call them. For the sake of our generation and the ones which will follow. This action is against the founding principles of our beloved country.

R.S. Vigeant

For the Future Energy Crisis

.Many Americans believe that our governments have the power and know how to keep the nation running. But it i3 apparent from our recent energy crisis that this is not the case. With a recant Energy Department report showing thats "The federal regulations for allocation of gasoline under the current price control system have contributed to the creation of spot shortages and long lines at the service stations, because an historically based allocation process can never completely reflect current patterns of gasoline demand." Furthermore it is possible that due to Federal price control regulations on gasoline it is more profitable for refiners to increase production of light products at gasoline's expense. (Light products include: jet fuel, kerosene, and other petrochemical feedstocks). Interestingly enough the White House has not made the report public.

With these facts in mind it would, seem that an answer to our fuel problems would lie with responsible businessmen rather than antiquated regulations . If the oil companies were left to freely compete, unregulated, they would surely do their utmost to ensure a steady reliable gas supply. Otherwise the company would lose thousands of dollars to competitors, as well as customers. Simularly, such competition would help to keep price down; while stimulating research into less expensive fuel production and alternate energy. The government further hampers the oil companies through direct taxation of their windfall profits. Thus leaving the companies with less capitol all around, most certainly this shortage strikes research and the com-: i.icn worker hardist.

After these considerations it is of little surprise that the government makes no effort to find out precisely what the people are in favor of. This policy is demonstrated aost clearly in the case of nuclear energy, where the authorities would rather answer the massive "Ho Nukes" demonstrations with mace than poll the American populace to find just where we stand. The logical assumption is that a national referendom or poll would be to democratic an attempt for our government.

Scott Hodell

"Under a government which imprisons any injustly, the true place for a just man is also bhe prison.

-Henry Thoreau

"A man contains all that is needful to his government within himself... all real good or evil that can befall him must be from himself".

-Ralfe Waldo Emerson

"Freedom is the foundation of all values".

-Jean-Paul Sarte

"Consent can not convert wrong to right".

-Emma Goldman

"The anarchist revolution we want far exceeds the interests of one class it has as its aim the interest of complete liberation of humanity which is totally enslaved from three points of view- economically, politically and morally".

-Enrico Malatesta



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