The US government recently issued a statement saying that the country's armed forces of some 2.1 million are inadequate. And a limited conscription should be seriously considered. No action has been taken on this draft yet. But the proposal is being debated in Congress.

The haunting memories of Vietnam make any draft very unattractive to the public. Involvement in a war which threatens the existance of our nation would be the only war the American people would currently see as legitimate.

The new draft proposes to bolster our armed forces. Thus it would be received with hostility by the American people.

Instead of concentrating on a massive buildup of personnel, an improvement of equipment and the quality of our standing troops could be considered. In this day of nuclear weaponry and other modern military devices, it would be impractical to depend on a large and inexperienced group of draftees to defend our country. A highly trained group of elite soldiers, knowledg-able in technical and martial skills would be far more effective.

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We can assume the trails of political criminals taking place in Iran now are not of a normal nature . Officials of the

new government have admitted so. But people should not be appalled by these acts.

It is important to reras-r.ber who is being tried..-the Fascist aids of the Shah's dictatorship who helped maintain the Shah ir. power by means of murder, unjust imprisonment, torture and general suppression of the Iranian people. It is also important to remember that these agents of the Shah acted without any judicial proceedings; but rather totally in secret.

Americans should boar ir. mind that, after the fall of Hitler's Third Reich, the allied forces "eliminated" a large number of the Nazi forces they considered deserving. The formalities of the Nuremberg Trial came only after the Nazi machine had been totally destroyed.

In Iran, the Shah's dictatorship has not been has not yet been destroyed. An estimated 8,000 of the Shah's killers are still at large. Foreign aid is still available to these men.

I think it safe to assume Ayatallah Khomeini a just and true leader. I would like to point out that, rather than become head of the new government, he choses to simply provide moral direction. Thus Ayatollah has avoided the recreation of a new totalitarian regime. It is important to note that when Khomeini asked for the guns, seized after the army's desertion, to be given back to the army...they left the streets and most were returned. Also interesting to note is that the American press made little or no mention of the matter.

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America may not know it; but The Jam has arrived as a band. In its two years, the trio has musically developed with frightening speed. Hell, the band members are only 20 years old: In this case, their musical maturation coincided with their physical. And they may soon be a band of great proportion.

For their first two albums, IN THE CITY and THIS IS the modern world, The Jam was happy to attack almost every cut at full speed and at full volume; succeeding in producing two of the better masterworks of the "early" punk rock movement. But don't EVER call them a punk band! The Jam, kings of the mods, wear their cuts short and neat, preferring stylish clothes and thin ties to punk leathers. With their new album, they have transcended the limitations of any single style to be revealed as tin excellent and versatile rock band.

Songs now mix political and social comment with straight love songs. Musically, they're a mix of slow acoustical numbers and midtempo and uptempo rockers; keeping the new album a varied and interesting treat to the ear. They aer also unafraid to display the influence of classic English bands such as the Kinks, The Woh and the Beatles in their music. In short, these guys can really play!

To my ear there isn't a bum cut on the record. The emotion level is highest during "Mr. Clean," when the band rips into an unnamed powerman. Other numbers include "A Bomb in Wardover Street" with an ending that will blow your windows out, and "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight" a story of fear in the night that any city dweller can identify with.

If you can't find the album in your record shop...make 'em special order it. It's worth the wait. I promise you.



the jam: alt, mod cons


The trials themselves are being handled in a conspicuously orderly manner. The move is towards the healing of the old wounds.

In fact, earlier this month Prime Minister Mehdi Bezargan reported that the revolutionary council was preparing a limited amnesty for some officials and supporters of the deposed Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. Excluded are only those charged with the commission of "unpardonable crimes" as determined by the council.

Bezargan stated that the unpardonable groupings would probably include those who ordered or participated actively in "massacres of the people, torture of the prisoners, treason, corruption and theft of public property."

Bezargan said that the amnesty, a direct result of the recent appeal for an end to the country's "spirit of revenge," would be subject to the approval of Aya-tollah Ruhollah Khomeini. The proposal would affect those who held positions in the Shah's government or were members of the Rastakhiz party.

Khomeini wishes the revolutionary trials sped up; not because he is bloodthirsty, because, if he were, he could simply let the criminals rot in jail or use their own methods of torture against them. Rather, he wishes to speed the release of those innocent. We must, also keep in mind that there has been no massive execution of hundreds at once; which shows that consideration is given each specific case...something which was denied under the Shah.

Scott M. Rodell.


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Crime in our society is not exclusively the result of the greedy or the lazy; but rather the oppression of workers and people in general by the large established capitalists and the government backing them.

The creation of a society where capitalists, extremely small in number, throw away food while workers, by far the overwhelming majority, scrounge for sustenance; where capitalists use their cash, gleaned from the sweat of their laborers, to create a climate where the worker and the common man have no way out of the bind...no way to climb the latter socially or economically. THIS is the true creator of crime!

The only immediate solution for the worker is to steal back what is rightfully his...the fruits of his labor.

The only true future of promise for these workers and the masses is one of open revolution.

The men who built the country's great industry should reclaim what is theirs, and divide the spoils among themselves as they...not the capitalist's government...see fit. Only through worker-control of the factories (elevating them to a capitalist status) in the form of nonrestricted democracies, can we expect an end to crime. Continued oppression of the messes leaves open revolution as the only path remaining to save ourselves and our society.

If this economic situation continues to be of such division, paralleled by the continuation of class oppression, there can never be social harmony.

The masses axe like a time bomb ticking away. And the only way it can be diffused is to acknowledge its existance. Workers cannot be continually put off by small token concessions. These will only serve to wet their appetites.

What does MINIMUM WAGE mean to the worker? Minimum wage is simply an excuse for capitalists not to .increase wages based on a set rate the government sets as fair amount. It's important to remember here whom the government favors: the company or the worker. Why does the worker's wage amount to $10,000 annually, while deskjockeying executives, helping to keep the capitalists proped up, make $90,000 a year? The absurd reasoning behind this 9:1 discrepancy for the same number of hours is unworthy of discussion. The outrage is obvious. The only reasons that exist for this continued persecution exist only in the minds of the capitalists.

The workers mustn't be duped into believing the government can be made to protect them and public interests through laws or safety regulations. These have been shown to be nothing more than mockeries; inadequate, ignored and unenforced. A painfully obvious example was the recent "accident" at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant. All government restrictions and controls fell right through. The question that comes to mind is: Why aren't these laws enforced? The answer is simple: Safety equipment ccsts money. And this reduces the capitalists' income. So they'd much rather pay off the government inspectors.

The answer to these problems is to have all workers of a factory represented in the concerns of the marketplace and the business; syndication of the company and formation of a democracy within each plant is the only way workers will achieve protection, justice and their rights...as well as a social equality.

In every factory, all the workers from the maintenance crew to foreman to the executives, must unite in a free association. From here they must work towards control of the company; never being slowed or distracted by small token concessions offered. Their only chance and strength is in their unity, with the threat of general strike their most powerful tool. With perseverance, a peaceful and positive exchange of power will occur. And the association will find itself in control. Through their democracy, each member will become a capitalist. With this freedom and equality will evolve the long awaited social harmony.

Crime will have been distroyed along with its procreator...capitalist oppression. Scott M. Rodell.

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UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU. .-AGAIN ! (continued)

Furthermore, such a military system would require NO draftees.

If the draft is reestablished, the Vietnam embittered public will spit it back in Uncle Sam's face.

By training a small group of elite sol-diersand improving equipment, difficult yet sound tasks in themselves, would seem the best alternative. This would provide a strong defense and cut money for military taxes instead of raising them...as the draft would do.

Seth HcKoe.

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There is black mistique which clouds the philosophy of Anarchism. I was at first reproached by it...just as you, the reader, possibly are. But once I took the time to actually discover but a small part of the philosophy's depth, I understood. Anarchism's gloomy reputation was dispelled as I read for myself the first bits of its backgrounds. Its wholesome philosophy philosophy had shown clear through the popular prejudices to eliminate a great many of my apprehensions. Some apprehensions remain. But I must read on as you should begin to. The passive benefits of Anarchism should be examined as a possible new way...fostering new unforseen thoughts and humanitarian ideals.

Please have your interests take you towards being truely informed.

R.S. Vigeant.