March 11,1979



Tax Revolt Decreases Cost Of Living

As usual, the cost of living in the U.S.A. went up in 1978. The Consumer Price Index went up in every state excepl California. One obvious cause of this is the tax revolt in that state and the passage of Proposition 13, an amendment putting a ceiling on tax increases.

Nationally, the cost of living increased 7.2% over 1978. With the exclusion of California from, computation, however, the figure is 7.9%. Although we can not account for this by stating only one factor, it seems quite clear that efforts of Howard Jarvis, originatoi of Proposition 13, have paid off for the people of California. These benefits are not as prominent among those dependent on the state, such as the elderly, the sick, and the poor. Those situations do not seem to have been hurt by the tax revolt.

There is only one way that Proposition 13 will benefit all. Private responsibility and individual consideratior for the disadvantaged, independent of ' the government, will have to occur. By releasing themselves from spiraling taxes, the people of Californis have necessitated independent responsibility. If they believe that the government is spending their money ineffectively, then they will have to help the disadvantaged in an open hearted way. Ideals will have to become the main force, this will be a challenge to the Californians in today's world, but if the people rise to it, a tax limited society may flourish.

In California, the cost of living has gone down, but more will have to be done before Proposition 13 can be con-sideres successful in all facets.

Seth Mckee

Collectivism ln^Action

In Time. February 5, 1979, it *as' reported, " Tehfran 'in many wajr's is'as bleak and-.lifelesfe as a dead planet; but it is surprising ho*':littlf fou£ months of fctrikes and almost complete economic deni&l Have affeefced the majority of the population."

How can this be? There was no government to organize their affairs. Moreover, they maintained a relatively orderly society without traditional governmental restraints. I mean there wasn't chaos, or so called anarchy. But was there anarchy in the positive sense of the terra?

It is sad that the word anarchy has a duplicity of meanings. The word is most frequently used to mean chaos, and often times people forget that, it also means a society without a government. A society which helps itself, within itself, and doesn't need a government to control it, A small group of people working together to satisfy the group wants has been shown effective and is known as a collective. This group shares a common ideology, the most natural and simplist possible, anarchism.

In theory, anarchist only considers a small collective group possoble, but in practice the largest city in Iran, Tehran has shown otherwise. Reports state that the poor are faring best because of community food cooperatives and neighborhood organizations.

The Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini has given them unity through religion. He has given the people of Tehran the courage to come together and work for other. In the past the Ayatollah Khomeini's grandfather and father, have always been radical humanist, they would require their rich land tenants to share with the poor ones. This type

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Poll Shows Majority Oppose

Gun Legislation

March 9 the National Rifle Association released a poll showing that Americans saw no need for more laws governing firearms. This new poll contradicta deoades of previous polling on the subject.

The poll was conducted indepently of the N.R.A. by Decision Making Information (a Santa Ana. California based company) at a cost of $63,000. This poll found that 88* of the 15,000 register voters polled said they believed that they had a right to own a gun and said they had used a gun to protect themselves or their property.

The poll was conducted in two parts. The first was held lsst May and June In which 15>000 people were interviewed while at home (these were all register voters). The second Interview was conducted over the telephone in which 1,610 register voters were polled daring December. When asked about the poll and its findings James O.E. Norell, director of N.R.A.'s Institute of Legislative Action, said "This poll wasn't loaded, it was pure information".

Only 156 of those polled believe that gun control was the best method to fight crime.

Scott M. Rode11

The purpose of this paper is to open the eyes of the people to new opinions by bring up 'farts in a new light. The staff takes this paper seriously and hope that all who read it also will. All comments and serious questions will recieve a reply.


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of consciencious property distribution

is the basis of Anarchy, a group

striving to help itself.

In the words of an Iranian Economis,

Ayatullah Talegani-

"Freedom is now Above the Economy".

R. S. Vigeant

The Clash: Give 'em enough Rope

With the release of "Give 'em enough Rope" we have seen the seventies version of the marriage of convience. The last gang in town, meets American technology. The nroduct of this union is an afclum so good that it will not be a commercial success- it hasn't even cracked Billboard top 2oo. The Clash have the kind of power and energy that pretenders like Kiss or Boston only imagine themselves to have, with twice the lyrical imagination. The Clash's lyrics are hard to decipher but always worth the effort.

"Safe European Home" tells, the story of the ClasWfe' trip to Jamaica..."where every white face is an Invitation to robbery". Another song, the most devastating cut; on this album, "Drug Stabbing Theme" written short before Sid Vicous's alleged stabbing of his girlfriend.

The Clash formed after the Sex Pistols and were strongly influenced by their politics and attitude. With the Pistols demise the Clash were the last gang In town and have estblished themselves as the best Punk Band in England and thus the best Funk Band in the world. In a recent interview they went one step further and called themselves "the best band in the world". I'm starting to believe them. Listen to the album and you'll think so too.


Box 377 Letts American University Washington, D.C.


The Spanish Anarchist Collectives

Many people believe that Anarchism has never and will never succeed as a reality on a larger basis than a small community of close freinds working together under ideal conditions. This vein of Anarchy is naive of history, which is quite understandable in our bureaucratic society.

In Spain from 1933 thru 1936 Anarchists took over one-third of the country, centering around Barcelona (the most Industrialized city in Spain). They collectivised the country from factory to farm. Population estimates run from 3 to 8 million involting 80$ of all free industry and 1,700 agarlan collectives.

The factories were taken over by the workers who elected all the administrative positions, both technical and administrating, from their ranks. The wages were simply a share of the profits rather than a set amount. Each man thus worked for himself among others. In other words each worker was elevated to the capitalist statls.

Factories were bound together In associations thus giving the workers economic security and strength, such as the large American corporations presently have. Problems beyond the capacity of a single plant were handled by local economic councils, who were elected from among the workers. These councils are an exact parallel to the present day Board of Trustees.

Onthe agrarian side, the peasents syndicated expropriated lands. All land animals, tools, grain, etc. were pooled among each community. All the harvesting as well as fertilizing and planting were acomplished collectively thru community efforts.

All collectives were organized thru the C.N.T. (whloh translates to National Confederation of WorkerB Associations In english) which functioned as a clearing house for goods. Each collective would either bring their goods to these clearing houses and trade them for what they needed or sell them on the open market.

Spanish production was never so higher as the level reached by the collectives. All industries flourished and the people prospered. The "Indlvlualists", as the Anarchists called them, who did not Join any collective prospered in the same manner as the collectives and were freely accepted In the community. This prosperity was due to the extreme stimulation of the economy. This stimulation was caused by the increase of capital in the hands of the workers. Ho man, women, or child was forced to Join any association.

These collectives were the ideas of Mikhail

Bakunin (I8lit--1876) relized. But this article has delt

with only the economic; stituation, future Issues will go

more deeply Into the social and pollcal scene as the

series progesse3. _ .. „ _ . ,,

Scott M. Rodell

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R.S. Vlgeant

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