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ANARCHY 13.......

'•'hen you say the word, [Anarchy people 'think of many things; every-thiac free, a world government to choes. But one of the largest misgivings atout Anarchy is that it is socially..oriented when it is basically Isoliuical.

Anarchy is the belief in self-government , the right to do what you thirk is right and moral, rot what a majority of -people think is right as a cotintry. True freedom of the individual should never be confined by lavi. Ken should be free to -ake themselves the end result of their ovm free choice, unhampered by elderly legislators which live in a totally different world. i

Eut this is not to say that there will be no type of order or an end to society. There will always be a leader figure but under Anarchy . each man will have a choice or "ill become his own leader. Anarchy also doesn't mean that if a group of j people live ard work together that -they don't agree to common rulesiin order to help each other.

With this type of total freedom of the individual, society "ill flourish and diversify so that every type* will exist offering what ever type of life a r>erson would like to lead. Thus -'SkiDg the grou-c of ideas in Co i'»on "it;-, each specific society the government.

This form of government often is referred to as collectivism; it is by no ".eans a conventional form of gov-

Qrncent-thws the ides that Anarchy is he belief in ^o government.

Scott M. Rodell


"A box of .22 ammo,please."

"How old are you?"


"Sorry, You gotta be 21 or older."

This Is a nrime example of the foolish regulations governing the ownership and use of firearms which ha®e destroyed the staple s vort of Americans for two centuries. This is a only applicable ir Newjersey, however ycu must reside in thestate to buy x ammo.

Other laws incude federal regulation which onxy allow the purchase of one handgun per calender week or havi ing to wait as long astwo months to get a firearms permit. why must our legislatures restrict the very [foundations of American democracy?

Norman Henderson

tax revolt:a rebellion against GO\"SHNI'!SNT*-II'iTGSEIj restrictions .

Just last month,thar-eo^le of California voted in an amendment to the state constitution. This amendment, known as reposition 13, put a li;: it on property tax rates,ridding the Californians of $? billion in annual taxes. Lesides shaking up the ^oliti". cal world, it sent a message to the entire country: taxpayers are mad as hell and aren't goi.-^to take it arym ore. The new amendment means,to quote Howard Jarvis. the architect of "rofe sition 13, "control of the government again by the ^eople of California".

The revolt in California j.s a wave throughout the nation. Me.ny people are • j mining on the bandwaror. with an attitude of "If California car.


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so can we" .

this . earth, 01!i? culture.

This plr.net, the' earth, and the conditions of it should be of the utmost importance to the inhabitants of it. It is only natural that, a rnan s ho .".ft should be his greatest concern in that his very life depend; on it!Eut,as evidence snows,nothing could be further from reality. It seems that r-eonle in genei'al have little concern,or are afraid to voice their concerns,for the well being of their environment. They devastate the soil,air and sea with little thought of the eventual outcone of their thoughtless actions Ever since the first civilizations, people have been ruining tneir lands First by noor farming tecnioues, which caused widespread erosion, and now by la?, pollution standards and laws,espesialy those regulating i ndus try.Industrie 1 pollut io nha s resulted in poisonous rivers and lakes and blackened the skies over many of our great cities. Although industry is the main cause of pollution we roust all consider ourselved responsible for the distr-uction of natures most comnlex ecosystem;the Earth'. Human nature is often held responsible for such actions but that is nothing more.than a scapegoat as the real fault lies within our society,not in something innate and common to us all.

In a society such as the U.S.A. which is the most wastefull in the world.reople have nfi true sense of -pride or respect for their country. Que. government has not fullfilled their role in stopping the ruin of o our environment in a satisfactory Tanner .He must make .our wishes known to our representatives so that the ruination of our Earth can be reversed!

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The rebele believe that too much" is "lasted and the quaiity of -ucV-, sor~ic.cs is not pro-sort iohr.l to the an.ourt of money taken from the peof% Obviously, Trailing the government morj efficient would reconcile t'ne two problems.

Just as the catalyst for the yen Eeal i" the Thirties was the Depression •inflation is the erergir.er this" time. Inflated i-icores have kicked v:nre on me: i"to higher tax brackets :-:hile the valv. of the dollar is going down. This is wh; the Californiars have voted Lrl a tax cut.

Proposition 13 will cut approximate: 3Or of California property taxes. Ths state's budget surplus should cover fch?»-reduction for the first year, cut sor.e services will have to be cut ir. the future, in sone cases drastically.

Although services will be cut, a good amount of the predictions are sir~ ly governmental scare tactics. The public^ yhic'n through the years Jjcs been Intimidated by these predictions), however, is coning to realise that thi-o;^ ing government ironey at problems a way.of making then worse, not bettor; that people are more likely to get more out of spending their pwn money 'than put of turning it over to the government to epert-1 for them. One example besides that in California of this grow ing public realization is iT-'.lgin, Illinois. The people of thr>t town voted dow a tax by 70;' nf the total electorate. It is this kind of mass action that should serve to warn the ration of the gr-v ing dissatisfaction.

The big ci-uesafclor for the fvtv.re is vhethsr or not sus-e--/;c! r;-;.vvico:% re-sulti-._ from the ta; revolt car. be- t--> t' ctoral.ty offset by public spirit, in-dlvidval help, and n-ivate repor.siV.ilit for fc: os-e who 0.3*:end or the stars or govei'iiviert- t'.e sic.':, the elderly,the poor, d the disabled. This '?>y * difficult tusk because of America 's dec rooted dependence on the govern .e :t. „o nrst try to release, to so-e degree, 11•• bureaucratic, stranglehold of taxes. m

Sefch ::cMce

Anarchy If for • raon b: r cd on principles. ]!c has the spirit to denounce what he v. cono be fore '>im;th. t which i3 established,.strong and accc ted.'!e bar the strc.^nlh nnd the will to start and shm e this v.'orld, from binsolf he molds hi- gOvernm-nt by bis stegnths an.! principles, as an individual among others this .makes him free. Tc is r.cver thrown i -to a powerless minority helpless against the majority.

Anarchy lies in stregnth within spirit; daring to change,to form a culture of stregntb, an'I by that a union. culture. Close to every man for ho formed it. Wouldn't a personal culture s cm a worthy subject for a life's work?'

Do you have, the strojntb, the initiative,

t•■>e creativity and imagination .to establish an original culture?

\7e need the stregntb in our members not unlike our for- fathers.

To achieve similar goals of freedom,without bitches.

Our forefathers and their -till existing government of nations have many causes which avoid absolute freedom.

Their system could not always accomodate everyone; blacks,orientaIs,infiians,jews or anyone who looked a little different.

A email collective anarchistic government, without a rule r could allow for the net ds of al}$ freedom for all as they form their ways,by their ways,by their choice and neons.

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